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Locker's Florist has been creating exquisite floral designs, providing unparalleled customer service and setting standards of excellence in the floral industry since 1911.

Quality and Experience -- Always Look Fabulous

The Locker's floral professionals are dedicated to creating the very best interpretation of your vision, whether you are timeless or trendy. While we excel at hand selecting the best blooms from around the world and communicating promptly with our clients, and our absolute favorite thing is delivering the bouquet into the hands of your recipients, and watching the magic happen... because what matters most to us, are the details that matter the most to you.

Locker's Florist was founded in 1911, and while many things have changed, the Locker's staff dedication to design and customer service remains.

Locally owned by master designer Kimberlee Grob, the firm continues to be dedicated to the community and helping our clients with all their large and small milestone moments. She has volunteered at the AIFD symposium, served on the executive board of the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florist Association, served as a judge for floral competitions, provided classes to professionals and community groups. Kimberlee brings a unique perspective to each client, seeped in the traditions learned from working at many historic, family owned shops across Wisconsin.

Fresh flower design is affordable, sustainable art - a luxury that can provide years of memories. As a custom floral design specialists, we pride ourselves on listening to each client to create a floral experience that suits them or the intended recipient.

Locker's Florist... making the world more beautiful, one bloom at a time.

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